Philosophers have their opinions on the teacher as a role model.

Downie et al in his take on the matter posits that ” The teacher whether he likes it or not is a public figure in the way in which a business man is not and as a role model he must set an example of high moral conduct.” Today’s teachers are adamant that their private life should not have any bearings on their role as teacher as in their view it does not compromise their effectiveness in carrying out their teaching role. Give me your take on the subject.


Will having longer school days achieve the desired result of getting every child to learn the stated curriculum? The mantra of the education ministry in Jamaica states that “Every child can learn , every child must learn.” Under the present working conditions and almost non existing or archaic resources is this a realistic expectation?

Philosophy of a Teacher

This blog was started with new inexperienced colleagues in the teaching Profession.Like almost every thing else around us which has evolved into a new era teaching and learning too needs to take on a new face. Things cannot be done the way they were done thirty, twenty or even ten years ago. The strategies that worked for my generation is definitely not achieving the results today as it did back then.

Sharing of best practices and ideas that work in getting the learner motivated and ready to take responsibility for their progress will be its main focus. Experienced teachers or other interested parties are free to share their best practices and offer their comments on the posted blogs